2010-May-12, 01:54

Water, electricity cuts to Bangkok protest zone



" he said,"What is essenti right now is to return normalci to society. ad that it must be done quickly. BA NGKOK – The Thai govern turn to sieg tactic Wednesdai after fruitless effort to compromis with protest barricad in central Bangkok, " but hi word left open the possibl of more violenc in Thailand' two-month polit standoff if the Red Shirt protest refus to disperseA rmi spokesman Col. Sansern Kaewkamnerd said secur forc would "not us forc at thi stage.. start at midnight,"Thi is a full-scal measur to limit the freedom of protest and to close down the area 100 percent." Sansern said. cut water,Th measur include. electr and mobil phone signal to the protest zone and stop bus, rail and boat servic to the area, Sansern said, ad that author would also "seal off entranc to the area." 99,Th announc came a dai after Prim Minist Abhisit Vejjajiva warn protest who have paralyz Bangkok' central busi district to leav by Wednesdai or face consequ that could also effect resid who live nearby. not onli the demonstr but also worker and residents,Secur forc mai "implement measur that will have an impact on peopl in the area." Abhisit said. forc the closur of sever luxuri hotel and devast the economy,Th anti-govern protest have crippl the capital' ritziest shop district. particularli the vital tourism sector. The protest zone span about 1 squar mile 3 squar kilomet and is border by upscal apart high-ris and offic buildings. Ch of a negoti settlement to the standoff appear to be unravel as the govern toughen it tone and protest vow not to budg until their demand ar met. we ar us our own electr generators,"Firstly. so we ar not depend on the public power source," said a protest leader Jatuporn Prompan. "Secondly, if the govern decid to cut water ... thi will also effect half of the city. So, we do not care about the government' threat." but thei recent ad a demand that hi deputi face crimin charg for a deadli crackdown on their ralliesTh mostli poor rural Thai protest start their ralli March 12 to demand that Abhisit call new elections.. you can come take our live away,"W will wait here. If we can't have justice." said anoth protest leader Nattawut Saikua. 99,Th Red Shirt includ the rural and urban poor as well as pro-democraci advoc who see the Oxford-educ Abhisit as symbol of an elit insensit to the plight of most Thais. Mani ar support of form Prime Minist Thaksin Shinawatra, a populist leader who wa accus of corrupt and abus of power and oust in a 2006 militari coup. Govern spokesman Panitan Wattanayagorn said late Tuesdai that the prime minist had lost patienc and wa rescind hi compromis offer to hold earli elect on Nov. 14 as part of a reconcili plan. " Panitan told The Associat Press late Tuesday. "Their refus to stop the protest meant that the condit that were set ar be canceled,"H said there will no longer be ani more compromis or conditions. includ the elect date." 400,Sever violent incid relat to the Red Shirt protest have kill 29 peopl and wound more than 1. accord to the Health Ministry. more than a year befor the end of hi government' term. That wa present as part of a reconcili packag on the condit that the demonstr end their protestA bhisit last week told the Red Shirt who view hi govern as illegitim that he wa will to hold new poll in November.. who have been press for quick elections,Th Red Shirts. said thei agre in principle, but on Mondai ad a list of condit of their own includ that Abhisit and hi top deputi surrend to polic over an April 10 attempt by secur forc to dispers protest that left 25 peopl dead. it' not go to end,"If petti issu keep be brought up. becaus the govern isn't go to compromise," Abhisit told report late Tuesday, ad that people' patienc with the demonstr had frayed.

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2010-May-12, 01:50

Social media presents new reality-TV challenges


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LOS ANGELES  — It became one of the most talked about "Jersey Shore" moments.

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and an unidentified male partygoer sloshed drinks at each other in a berserk bar brawl. The slaphappy altercation, however, hasn't aired on MTV. That's because the boozy battle was hastily captured on a low-grade camera and posted online months before the cultural phenomenon's second chapter is scheduled to debut.

The just-push-upload incident is the latest example of how instantaneous media is simultaneously building buzz and spoiling reality TV. The intentionally raw medium relies heavily on spontaneity, or at least something resembling spontaneity, and doesn't pack the same punch without Never Before Seen Footage or The Most Shocking Elimination Ever.

"It's a blessing and a curse," said "Jersey Shore" executive producer Sally Ann Salsano. "You're always grateful when people want to talk about your show, but in the end, those same people are the ones that take things, like what happened with Snooki, out of context. I know I'll have a chance to tell my story, but more people are going for the cheap shot."

The slapping and soaking delivered and received by Snooki, who was infamously punched in the face by a stranger at a bar during the show's first season, went viral after it was posted on the celebrity news website RadarOnline.com, later popping up on multiple blogs and debated about on HLN. Salsano acknowledged she was not stoked that the moment was spoiled.

When it comes to keeping secrets, reality TV producers don't typically have the same luxuries as their scripted TV counterparts. When there's no sound stage in which to hide or script to keep under wraps, it's not easy to protect made-for-TV drama from playing out online, as with the not-so-private production of the second season of "Jersey Shore" in Miami.

"The good thing about 'Jersey Shore' is it's not a puppet show," said Salsano. "There's no parade in the street for people to watch, so most of what's posted online is just the kids coming and going. Much of the story is happening inside establishments or at their house. I promise not to air 12 episodes of The Situation walking around sucking in his gut."

Reality TV spoilers have been around since CBS first stranded a group of 16 strangers in Borneo for the inaugural season of "Survivor." Restrictive nondisclosure agreements that threaten legal action, signed by anyone exposed to a reality-TV production, are usually enough to keep the most important plot lines from leaking onto the Internet or elsewhere.

Newer tactics include forbidding the use of social media during filming. For example, the "Jersey Shore" ensemble said ciao to Twitter before they moved down to Miami. Even if contestants are allowed to post online during production, such as the ninth season "American Idol" finalists sporadically do, the updates are usually overseen by the show's producers.

Curiosity remains high though, especially when cracks emerge in the barrier between a show still in production and the rest of the world. Just ask manufacturing sales representative Steve Carbone, who has been dishing dirt about ABC's sudsy dating franchises "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" for nearly seven years on his website RealitySteve.com.

"I'm not doing anything wrong," said Carbone, who lives in Dallas. "I'm just relaying information that's told to me. People can choose to believe it or not. It's just my track record has proven that I know what's going on. People that have come to know me know that I've gotten two out of the last three seasons dead on and told people exactly what will happen."

Last season, Carbone correctly revealed that hunky pilot Jake Pavelka would choose feisty marketing representative Vienna Girardi during the final rose ceremony. He also accurately predicted that Facebook advertising account manager Ali Fedotowsky would ditch Pavelka to keep her job then become the leading lady on the next season of "The Bachelorette."

Carbone, who said he's never been told to stop spoiling the show by the producers or the network, insisted he has sources close to the production that provide him with his info. However, many amateur sleuths are able to stitch together what's happening on a reality-TV series simply by searching online, scouring for clues in status updates and photos.

"We glean information from wherever we can — Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, whatever," said college student Ron Lee, who operates the spoiler website TVFanSpace.com. "That's the nature of the fun that comes from trying to spoil reality TV. You try to get as much information as possible since everyone is chomping at the bit to know what's going to happen next."

Fans share those findings online, attempting to deduce such elements as who the suitors are on the next season of "The Bachelorette" or what the route will be on the CBS globe-trotting contest "The Amazing Race." RealityFanForum.com members were able to figure out almost the entire course of the 16th season of "The Amazing Race" months before it premiered.

"I can't speak for the network or the production, but I really like that people see us when we're traveling around the world," said host Phil Keoghan. "If you're a fan of the show, you're not going to go, 'Oh! I can't watch the show now because I know where they're going.' If anything, you're going to be more excited because you want to see what happens."

Such teases sometimes become part of the action. Take, for example, the third season of "The Real Housewives of New York City," which often features the show's drama queens reading about themselves online. During a recent episode of the Bravo docu-soap, sassy chef Bethenny Frankel flipped out when rumors of her pregnancy were posted on PerezHilton.com.

"There was so much junk being published all fall about the women," said Andy Cohen, Bravo's senior vice president of original programming and development. "I don't think anything that was published has made it any less interesting now that it's airing. I think it's still fresh, and I think people are addicted and they can't wait to see what happens next."

When the self-proclaimed "guidos" and "guidettes" of "Jersey Shore" return to film the remainder of the second season later this summer at the same shore house they partied in during the first season in Seaside Heights, N.J., executive producer Salsano said extra measures, including beefed-up security, will be taken to ensure the integrity of the show.

"We will do everything we can to protect the story," she said, "and everyone else will probably do anything they can to get around it."


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A bell (prose)

Great Wall, is a bell, a bell will know their endless rhythm.    Sometimes, he whispered, sweetly ringing, as an only child in a wonderful golden bell softly sing; they like cricket's laughing; more like innocent little frog began to call out soon as, TWO Sese , but very Tianrun voice. At this point, you must think there are an infinite Youqu straight to you the heart.    Sometimes, it is no longer whispered to sing a; a little loud, shrill the screws, just as in playing upon a violin sad music, put us back two thousand years ago, and then step back to a go now. A good look, look at it! For the history, how brilliant! Thousands of years, people suffering, but also how to deep ah!    I do not know What I thenMoodI only know: There is another the violin, are playing upon my heart Ruqirusu manner, playing upon, they strike me as the memory of water.    Yes, the Great Wall more often is a real Huangzhongtailv, Meng suddenly "Bang" - "H -" ringing. At this time of the Great Wall, no longer have that romance on tenderness, but there are infinite heroic mind. Do not you see every border an emergency when the situation? If you do not want to go to see the old past incidents, recalled memories of 1937 on the scene it!    War broke out, when? - Is July 7, is the Marco Polo Bridge incident shocked the world. This incident is the side from the beginning of the Great Wall. Since then, eight years, the Chinese Communist Party led the people, the Japanese carried out a heroic transcendence with the tenacious struggle, finally invaders out of China. Long eight yo, who, with a mysterious bell calls hundreds of thousands of people? You, our dear Great Wall!    Oh, the Great Wall, you are a magic bell!
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2010-May-7, 01:37

Cancer prevention and control sciences and promote the program delivers hope

April 22, the Ministry of Health Disease Prevention and Control Bureau, the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association at Shanghai Roche Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., hoped the torch lit in Beijing to announce the 2010 "delivers hope" - the sciences and to promote cancer prevention program was officially launched . Ministry of Health Deputy Secretary for Disease Control and Prevention said Lingzhi, by 2008, "Dialogue hope," 2009 "together hope", China plans to promote cancer prevention and control sciences and has become a government, academic groups, experts, media and businesses and promotion of national cancer patients with the Commonwealth. 2010 "delivers hope" broader coverage of activities, in the form of a richer and more grassroots. "Delivers hope" in the snow scene "China plans to promote cancer prevention sciences," since the official launch in 2008, 2008 and 2009 respectively, the theme of "dialogue of hope," "hand in hand hope." Lingzhi pointed out that the current survival rate of cancer patients in China has reached 50%, with survival has not a myth. We must work together to promote the exchange of anti-cancer experience, dissemination of advanced concepts, passing the hope of life, so that more cancer patients to share a happy life. Beat cancer depends not only empty slogans, in medical science and technology continues to improve at the same time, the government, society and individuals to participate in the situation, combined with the
2010-May-5, 08:17

Tim has a crazy language Yeh real estate downturn in oil will lead the broader market strong

China Economic Net News Beijing on April 19 with "mad market," said Yeh Tim, April 18 evening in his blog entitled "Con Air, a strong real estate oil will lead the broader market downturn! "Article. Yeh Tim pointed out that the stock index futures for real
2010-May-5, 08:11

Pan Shiyi, chairman of SOHO China: property control effect will be immediate

SOHO China (00410.HK), chairman of Pan Shiyi, 18,eporters the China Securities Journal said the State Council recently issued a property control policies of the intensity and severity of a few. Policy response to the real estate market compared to the stock market to lag some, but the control effect will soon show up. Pan Shiyi, the new round of regulation of the housing market as a Siberian cold front, the short term the property market turning point has been "not far off." He believes that "commodity housing turnover will decline rapidly. And how the price changes, the next month to see the outcome." Pan Shiyi said, now buy more than three sets of family housing, more and more, reflecting the gap between rich and poor. Meanwhile, house prices have increased, and no room family room family wealth gap. In the area of high house prices stop to the third set of housing loans, can suppress a considerable part of the demand, which is beneficial to inhibit the high housing price. Pan Shiyi, frankly, from the rental yield and capital cost perspective, the current first-line urban real estate market bubble have been very serious. Rental yield and bank mortgage lending rates continued to widen the gap. First quarter of this year, Shanghai residential rate of return of 2.3%, Beijing 2.9%, while mortgage interest rate of 6.5% (2 suites interest rate), difference
2010-Apr-22, 09:39

(He, she, she) is difficult to say that the triangular

GirlAskBoy: "You're willing to give up everything for me Why?" The boy rubbed the head girl, said: "Fool, I do not have to give up everything you had it?" Girl knowing smile, a year ago, pregnant girls, boys To be responsible for girls, with girls left the city, when they leave the body did not bring much money, and soon, their days over the more difficult, but the boys preferred to eat the left should be the best girls, girls areMoving, But did not last long, and soon both find their parents, and asked the girl child stomach destroyed. Girls and boys feels indescribably painful, but no way to stop, when the girl lying in bed when the girls and boys guarded day and night, lest the point of what girls and boys see girls look so pity, then pain , then the uncomfortable ~~~~~ girl smiled: "Never mind, soon it was cured.". . . . . .      TimeGuo De Haokuai, unwittingly destroyed their children have a year, the boy still on the girls, caregivers, and everyone admired the good girlHappinessGood happy, but happy days are not long, and soon, the boy changed, indulge in a dayNetworkGame, the game is on understanding and a lot of girls, boys, heart, and he compared the game to call his wife a beautiful girl, one occasion, the boy still did not go online to listen to persuade the girl to go with the girls never thought this to how much will be self-inflictedHurt, She saw the boy and girl talking a lot of good close disgusting wordsTearLike you can not tap, has been crying, crying, however, her boys back from the dead, only girls with and chat network, not long before the boy even further, and the network launched a text message girl, chatted about a telephone, a lot of the evening, the boy girl embrace, but hold the phone in the hands of a girl text messaging and network, the girl can not stand this lack of respect, when the girl was determined to leave boy, when they unexpectedly learned of her illnessSituationSince the last surgery, the girl can not have children later, and can never be asMom, The girl broke down, she did not believe it, drag around the severity of the disease asked around, she spent a long period of inner struggle, and finally panic over God, then, the boy stood before her, in front She: "We are with you? Hello, I have always." dumbfounded girl, she thought the boy had been well aware of their disease, also know that this boy might come backSympathyHer, and she dared not promise, she was afraid, because the boy was no longer ago that only a good boy for her, but she did not change him, but to accept the    It is a bitterly disappointing forNightWhen the boy was asleep when the girls hugged the boy's cell phone suddenly rang, a text message, the boy looked at the messages in hiding afraid to let the girl know, the girl asked: "Who made the Ah SMS?" "AFriend"Replied the boy, the girl knew a woman who on the network bar, the girl looked at the message,"HusbandYou doing, I think youDarlingYou think I did? "The girl suddenly dizzy, and she and he had a falling out, and left.    The girls thought their departure must forget him, can no longer with him, and sometimes people get really God, the girl was pregnant again, but she did not tell the boy this time because she felt that the boy had notLoveShe, she alone was examined by the hospital, the doctor told her: you in this pregnancy is not easy, must be very careful because the last child they would have no reason you accidentally, and must be a good accomplishment. Girl listening to a doctor's asked over and over again, his mind empty, how she did not know what to do? The child leaves this hard-won Why? Or give up her life may be the only one child, she told friends, hope a friend can help her think of a way, my friends tried to persuade her children to stay, we must take to stay, but after we left there will be a series of problems, girls how to face these setbacks.    Girl locked himself in a room two days, and when she out of the door, she told herself have to pull out, must take the children, of adults, and friends to do the best to help her, her to a hospital, with her eat, afraid of girls Luanxiang affect the fetus, and friends stay with her day and night for several days, they will surely ask, that boy do, Where have you been? Since the boy never came back out after the last over, the girl did not know that the boy should not have told the story, because in her mind that the boy was dead, the boy still lived he felt a heavenly day Internet every day, the girl then, with the help of friends would also like to open, not so attached to the boy, because sheFeelTo the inside of her stomach has a new life is waiting for her care, waiting for her care, so she must have to carry, the girl is now very happy, because she slowly felt a mother's responsibility, she very careful very careful lest out of a mistake.    ShePrayerBoy must be good too, must be happy, she will also sometimesFantasy, Chairman of like a child who does, like the boys a little more or a little more like what I kept thinking his tears fell down on the uncontrollable, recalling the past and the boy together scene after scene, is so Jiaoren nostalgia girls could not restrain their emotions and send a text message to the boy, "idiots, we have a chance to return to the past it?" "No chance, now I just want to love her, though I know it is not possible But I still want toPursueI kind of like "    Is so few words, so that girls and boys completely dead heart, the boy changed, no longer the man she loved had. How many times she has struggled want to tell the boy things completely, and now girls heart mixed feelings, do not know what to do, she said to herself, "must not let him know that we must carry on their own, even if they will Therefore, loss of life is like, because she knew it was the only boy left his best gift, the girl's heart, the arrangement of God is the most precious gift most precious, and she believed he could do a mother's role, a good mother, and this is the only girl in this life, the greatest wish, her knees up days, pray, pray that they can successfully protect their children born to a healthy adulthood, prayers ~ ~~~~~~~~ prayerOne dayBoys to see their children would recognize him when. . . . . . Pray for the girl to give him happiness, praying him not to hurt the girl. . . . . .    This girl insisted on a 2 weeks, and she did not tell a person about their own business, she decided to leave the look good, to keep the body, the child maintained, girls best friend is also possible to help her, help her degree through difficulties, is a lifelong friend, the girl touched her side with two such good friends, girls, grateful, grateful to God to make her the mother of opportunity.    Day by day passed, the girl's stomach big up day by day, she left the city to live now, alone in a strange place to start her new life --- the child was born, and then to be a good mother . But always it did not, this time to leave and did not let girls feel a little bitHappyAnd comfort, but to girlsMoodMore of the bad boy on the network that my wife call me girl, that hurt a lot of good words, from both sides of her mouth that boys want to have, because he deceived two persons inFeelingThe girl had told him of that ray of hope have vanished completely, so that the boy is worth two girls for him to hurt each other Why? ~~~~~~~~ Girls did not say anything desperate, just desperate. . . . . .    March. In April. . . . . . . In October, the girl finally conceived in October, and mind finally at ease, because the birth of her child and her both excited and nervous, had been lying in the hospital 2 days, that night girl suddenly felt his stomach hurts, the child to be born and the nurse quickly pushed the girls in the operating room, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, half an hour. . . 2 hours passed, and only came to hear the baby crying in operating room, so excited, girl to watch their children, goodHappyThe child is a boy,EyeLike boys like girls mouth, he laughs a little dimple there are two goodCute。。。。& #12290;。。    So on, the boy did not know where to get the news, quickly rushed to the hospital to see girls and boys to the ward door, the girl is holding the child, bringing him laughing, the boy stood at the door a long time, he slowly opened the door and walked to the girl before hand touched the child's face, smiled, then boy did it mean to own how stupid ah, since does not know the things the girls on her own, all the responsibility.    These days, the boy to the hospital every day to take care of girls, but girls did not open and he said a word, the boy irrepressible mind share of their guilt, he suddenly knelt on the ground, crying girls, said: " Sorry, I was wrong, I know I am nothing more to say, after you let me take care of you and kids alone, I will not indulge in the network, it will not every day doing nothing, I will seriously work to support you and your children. "girl without saying a wor d, the boy in order to prove their case, since the day of discharge from the girls down to work every day, really changed a lot in the days of wages per month, the boy always leaving only 200 for their dinner in the other he would quietly put money into girl's home, each time the door from the house where girls secretly put your money, the girl seems to be moved. . .    Went to the wages of the day, the boy still wanted the money into the girl's house, but this was girls clashed when the boy crouched body, are strongholds of money when the girl opened the door to open, the boy looked up the girl 1. Girl said: "Come get back on it, you do not want to see the child it?" "Want. Like," immediately got up and followed the boy into a girl, the girl child on the hands of boys, boys could not hold off because children hold was a bit awkward, the child might really be his own father to a very happy smile directed at boys, the boys are happy Douzhuo child, a girl suddenly said: "Children with your name, surname X . "" Really? "Boys and surprise, the boy seemed to understand everything, walked over, holding girl, crying, three people at last to live in together    Very happy, very happy
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2010-Apr-21, 08:38

Will never forget you ~

I do not know how, and for you ~ I do not want to say too much, my new 2 do not know you have not ~ ~ I think if you read will understand me, tomorrow I am going to still store, and r think of our rain-soaked appearance, would have thought you would come to me, I let my sister have to call you, you did not return, you do go in the end ~ , you say ah ~! Well, I'm tired, bye! 05/7/28 Xiaogang ~
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Afterlife of day and night play disc

A    Parting out a war, invasion of wet blood memories    Look at you, black hair flying dance, sword leave and no longer know you refuse to love again, then you will smile left her .....   
2010-Apr-19, 06:57

My father would this

Perhaps the world was no longer any mystery as infinite as father and son relationship. Strange? Until today I had my son, I just take the hint. MaleChildrenTotal would like toFatherThere are any specific things. Perhaps you only heard fathers turn iron into steel, the old want their children to synthesizers. But conversely, the same Yeah! I often remember childhoodHopeThat he has "such a" or "as a" father, but he is not. Speaking funny how silly I was toFantasy, There are so mighty a casual, pragmatic and prudentManI came to - yes, came up to me, when my partners play in the street, I can proudly finger he declared: "Well, my father." Then, almost in the small partner jealous of the attention in the run to the incandescent, but also the sound of the Gee's praise came back - honest, I need it proud. But, no. This is not the father, he can not do. Normally, a small town on a variety of often spontaneous comedy sketch show. Naturally, it is indispensable hero father. It was a Civil War story. Father played a funny Irish soldiers. "Ha ha ha ... ..." The audience laughter amused by his father. But I just want to cry. I really do not understandMotherHow can also suffer, she even laughed with others. I think if it was not my father, I would laugh. Also, in the United States Medal of Independence Day or Heroes Day, the father will certainly take the forefront in the procession, as though what a great grand marshal, or other important like, also riding in a big hired immediately, air full. But he would not ride ah! A result, he fell off the horse, and a look ofWolfIn a difficult position with attracted passers-by laugh. Not only can he not care, pretty proud. I remember once in the street, he made some funny things. I happen to and with a small partner. They met with the father have to fight over, the father, had to shout at them, and they are the same asHappy- This is what the streets in the coming and going! I wish I could have slit the floor let me get inside. "Dengkou dengkou dengkou" I ran into a quiet alley, in 皮利比特利& amp;#20122; a small house church, I cried. Also, I want to go to bed at night, when the father is always drunk in the face with a bunch of friends into the house surrounded. Yes, heForeverWill notLonely- May in the long ago he opened a harness shop closed down, because he was too happy to credit - he a fool, I used to think. I really despise him. However, there are always those people who are willing to turn him around - the school janitor, mouthed the hardware store owner, there Liangbinbanbai bank teller - is really strange that they actually like, and so a mouthful of empty words to be together! Until today, I finally understand the charm of a father. TownLifeLike a stagnant, boring and tedious, and his father fingertips, charm-filled story is just as capsules of stone stirred ripples - he teased them laugh, he even allow them to burst into singing! On many nights, the lawn in the stream, they sat in a circle, while roasting food, drinking beer. Father's story has always there Promises fascinating. If an Irish person to our house, my father would soon meet her, pretending to be pleasantly surprised to say they are Irish, and then talked about hisHome、ChildhoodInteresting matter, blown apology. If it was a Scot, her father happened again immediately, as if they were caught by villagers, hit it off. He also claimed the Germans a few days later it became a Swedish mile! In fact, customers may not know his father false, but they still would like to one faster. Well, this thing I was a child difficult to understand, can the mother be able to understand? How can she bear it? When the family out of pocket, so the necessary fuel, you think that what he will bring food home, then you are wrong. He just went to visit the nearby farmhouse, and sometimes a few weeks to that, my mother had to make do with working to help people buy the necessary fuel. Then my father came back, what do - for example, a length ham, it is the farmers sent the faithful. He went to the kitchen, "pa" throw the ham on the table, "You think I bring the children a taste of what things?" At this time, the mother alwaysSmileWas looking at him, for his family even when outside the pot also do nothing but makes no mention of the predicament. Once, I heard my mother talk, and perhaps residents actually got dizzySympathyCome from the mother, just listen to his mother said: "Oh, won` t be all right, I may not like the street men man unpromising. Well, as long as he was with me, life is always colorful. " I listened to really was not feeling. Sometimes I really do not hope that he is my father. I finally invented is not known around the world some mysterious story about my father was originally a certain high officials, for example, is a railroad company president or a congressman it. But people always try to ensure that these do not cover up the truth. May be I do not care, anyway I'm not, "my father," the son of a corner of the globe, there must have a distinguishedRichMy "real" father. Over time, I have become increasinglyBelieveTheir illusion of. One stormy night, the mother not the father soaked "drowned rat" camel back. He has mixed several weeks away, I now see to read by herself at the kitchen table, then sit down and looked at me a long time without saying a word. I was shocked: his face is full of untold secret anguish. He sat, dripping clothes. Suddenly, he stood up. "Come with me." He said. My stand up with him out of the house. I am full of surprises but undaunted. Along the muddy path we came from a town inside and outside the valley, where there is a pond. The way we just walked on in silence, love jokes father silent. Suddenly, my heart filled with a strangeFeel: They are but with a stranger to bring together all. I do not know whether this is only the father to see me? Large reservoirs, rain is still fierce, I heard a sound of thunder after a lightning. We went to the pond in the grass. The rain curtain of dark, strange looking over his father's voice: "undressed it." Although he had no clear idea what is snake oil medicine, but I still Yiyan act. Occasionally, a flash of lightning across the sky, I saw my father naked upper body. Step by step we step into the pond. My father took my hand and pulled me into the depths. Ah, once placed in the dark pond, my whole body tremble with cold. Swimming in the rain, I do not line. My father let me head upon his shoulder, struggling to swim into the water, darkness. "He should do?" I'm afraid of. But his father's shoulders thick it gave me at once calm and peaceful force. The dark, I feel a strong contraction of his muscles. We swam to the other side of the clothes were returned to the place ... ... Rain is still falling, the wind was still blowing. Can sometimes play a father take a relaxing swim backstroke. Then he put it into my hand back, his muscles bulging, and then reversed, so that my hand still resting on his shoulder. Occasionally hit 12 Lightning brilliant too, I clearly see the father's face. It was a face of unspeakable grief, as the kitchen just to see the same. Although only a momentary glance, and then endless dark, endless rain, but I have never experienced a feeling. It was an intimacy. How strange, that moment seems the world is the only place we both father and son. As if suddenly a move, I have come out of the old me out of the student's naive, out for his father ashamed of the situation. I really feel the father's blood is bubbling melting into my blood: I only know the dark, I can not do without the little boy was him - the man in the rain splashing into the water. Swimming, swimming, and we have no one to speak, one could hear his father about what a strong pull - no, he cut through the darkness, wind and rain cut through the thick woven curtain ... ... To shore, we quietly put on wet clothes, back away. Kitchen lights on, we dripping into the house. Oh, mother, and she smiled and looked at us. I remember she told us: "good boy, do you go?" My father did not answer, heSilenceStart the night's an unprecedentedDignity。 My upstairs into the room, undressed in the dark to go to bed. May also not want to sleep I could not sleep. The first time I realized that I was my father's son! He is a King story and I will yes! In the future, I think. I secretly chuckle in the dark. I can no longer laugh at my silly, and actually wanted another father
2010-Apr-18, 06:56

Learn to turn thought

Turn to thinking, is a bigWisdom。    A king got a little older, he most afraid of mud that sticks he made a calculation, all the way to the country are covered by cloth, need 200 000 artisans to work non-stop for 50 years, while the country's population, but 500,000. Minister worried, eloquently the advantages and disadvantages to the king, said Nongbu Hao will subjugation. King angry, will the Minister put to death. King also sent another minister to do this, then this minister is very easy to solve this one with a cloth to the king made a pair of shoe covers. A minister only after his own thinking from the road to the king's feet, big problem will be solved. A child, I lived in a rural Inner Mongolia, thenWolfMore, that is, during the day, the wolf will come and go in the village edge. Poultry and livestock by wolves guess, would leave the thing frequently occur, the mere mention of it on the wolf. ASummerThe morning side of a boy in the village when two wolves trapped mowing lived. One after the two wolves, eyeing. The boy was so scared that he would like to help, but he knows that at this time for help is futile because the village of the young men and women went down to work in the fields, only some of the elderly andChildren. If you cry wolf, crying out that they are not out of the throat. Critical to start children shouted: "monkey, the, monkey, the." Then there is no entertainment in rural areas, monkey, is very popular, rather like the villagers love. The results, heard shouting monkey, the village's old people and children ran to the village edge. This battle saw two wolves immediately escaped across the tail between its legs. That boy is myBrotherHe is now, and I mention this Shihai of fear: if it was crying wolf. He certainly became a wolf for lunch. But he was so smart thinking turned a corner, onSuccessDefuse the crisis facing their own. Life attitude of life as a journey, often in front of landscape resistance. Does not work, some people on the mountains and bridges, the last brute force exhaust, but also able to escape before victory no cause of death ending. Some people just turned a corner, easy to bypass the obstacles, they successfully reached theEnd. Dreams of all knowledge, we often need to turn ideas. Turn to thinking, is a great wisdom, with this wisdom, 42 can be allocated jin, the weak can overcome the strong, failure can become beneficial to be able toPayMinimum cost to maximize success.
2010-Apr-16, 07:41

The taste of coffee

And she met in a cafe, and we sit opposite her a cup of coffee, milk added point, and I ordered a cup of Italian coffee, nt face, gentle eyes, dignified style of conversation, words are soft, though not a very pretty girlChildren, But certainly the one that is virtuous and gentle and gave me a deep impression, and we sit for three hours, until 23 o'clock break more than just something more to say.    Way back to the hotel, she sent me a text message, asking me to guess how I feel she like? I hesitate to say: good! Her laugh I said: so much confidence in ourselves ah! In fact, I know that in each other's hearts, are leftFineImpression.    Since then, our contact more and more each day on empty non-contact heart, I know that we have fall in love. We are frequent dating, although I have to frequently travel, but given the chance, I will look for opportunities to her own city, river, parks, karaoke, tea, cafes, shopping malls, everywhere, all the We figure these days, asSpringFlowers, warm, beautifulHappiness。    But one day, a phone call to break all of this, it is I used to love a girl calling. She said: I still feel the best. All so suddenly, everything makes difficult decisions in the face of love, people often become irrational, especially in front of their own people who loved too. All the accusations, complaints, misunderstandings, love to come back when they disappeared.    One day, I found that some love is no return. In particular, you love when people do not love you. Between her and me is not compatible with, not the person I used to love between us, in addition to money, in addition to occasional care, a simple greeting, the other has not. I told her, are only a short break Harbour. This time, I thought of that cup of coffee. In fact this time I discovered that faint, Sese taste already dying my heart.    One day, her stools were recorded QQ, in her space, there are many articlesMoodUpdated records: how do you so unfeeling? How do you so cold? One, two, many articles, many are repetitive, lookTimeMy heart, such as Acupuncture, are both in my time with her cool indifference issued. And then, my heart is not here, of course, no room to see theseLanguage。    Gently tap the keyboard, the Sese delicate taste of coffee, and I feel like the little windowRainThe rhythm.    Light rain outside the window, you know the taste of coffee it?
2010-Apr-15, 01:31

Gossip fate

"A little place, missed the opposite is not met," the phrase as a way toFateThe best interpretation of the.FateEither as a link as to strangers tied together for some interpretationStoryCan also be the same as the wall of isolation some people out.    Fate forgedLove、FamilyAndFriendly。 288;  "Marriage will accompany a thousand miles" refers to both men and women without any geographic restrictions, and come together about constructing a warm, cozy love nest. Of course, that marriage must be built on mutual understanding based on mutual love. So despite the growth in different places, although has not met, but what was the relationship? Love enough to narrow the geographical location of the distance, love can also make custom, temperament, personality mutual acceptance between the two completely different each other, because the need is love, marriage, another back irrelevant.    When transformed into love, fate, all in all have been locked out, the sky had been gradually reduced to two in the world. At this time, Love is exclusive, and it is selfish, but it is shining bright, like peach blossoms in March, towering in the season, bridge, garden trees Thriving all spring, to make you drunk, blurred. Gazing at the pink flowers that bloom sequence, you seem to seeHappinessIs a smile came slowly to himself.    Fate is not limited to both men and women in love, fate more often as the sun shine on the earth. As long as like, as long as the concept feel like, as long as calmly wait, fate is to patronize you. Of course, such a fate is a can of something, by extension, people call it friendship. The birth of friendship is to take some time to brewing. Not everyone can enter the circle. As the saying goes, "Like attracts like, dividing people into groups." Like-minded people come together more easily, because there are commonLanguageBecause the mutual understanding and harmony, so hit it off, so Brief Encounter.    Friendship is the most beautiful scenery on earth; friendship is weakened cold, dissolving barriers of the recipe. There is no friendship in the world is dim, there is noFriendThe sky like clouds and Rays did not. Although not compare love friendship more pure, thorough, kind of mellow and simple, but it is also quite attractive. As fate turned into friendshipWinterThe fire and the summer breeze, it brings you a comfortable and quiet. If you use to describe the pure mountain streams, the most fitting of friendship. It had not contaminated the stream of people day and night according to clear ring Ding Dong, Ding Dong ring, sounds like a wonderful music, to give you calm, plainLifeAdd a fresh and fun steep.    When fate in the form of affection, it seems not to be changed into a picture. Because of the close relationship, like family than otherEmotionIs more direct and unquestionable. When you become a member of that circle whenResponsibilityAnd the obligation arises, as the various law of nature, only the compliance and compliance. However, the love, affection and friendship is more than solid, because Chinese people are more concerned consanguinity. The total time is the key to feeling and thought of licking the calf sibling. Undeniable affection is the most warm and pleasant, especially that rooted in the hearts of the home, any time is so warm, so can not be replaced.    No matter what form of fate, I thought it was tender and all the intellectual. Fate only people who know the situation re-defined in the spread, grow. Love is that a cool breeze in the Brilliant ulterior motives of Qiu Ju, Qing Ji of the season to decorate the outside scoring elegant, lucid and elegant; fate leads people to think of the North in the sky that Qingwu, Fantasy-stemmedSnowFlower, white, crystal, your hands will Qinru heart and spleen, it is suddenly forget those dirty earth.    In fact, is destined to come together. Colleagues, neighbors, on the lower level, on the way encounters a stranger, for your child lead the way across the zebra crossing with disabilities need your help ... ... we can see that love created a margin, is the truth propped up points. Inevitable fate of the places on earth are there that love exists. Note that not the fate of the sky acts recklessly, do not despise the little world the truth. When you learn when their love, fate will Ruqierzhi.    Love is dignified, it does not allow the world's scorn and contempt. When it trampled on the dignity of your time, you will be punished. Origin, geo-off happens for a reason there is fruit. Fate will make those arrogant, insensitive, bragging life of people living in remorse and self-blame among. Fate allows you to learn to respect and understand eachLifeIndividual fate teach you cherish and treat the world of all things.    Fate is man's best friend! Difficulties, help you do it; down and abjection when it gives you strong support. But fate's pay is required in return, only know that people will eventually be obtained from abandoned by fate. Fate let people know and appreciate each Grateful. Fate also allow people to remember the "working together", "windRainTongzhou "," togetherness "of these terms.    World because of fate become sky blue amethyst, people began to fall in love because of fate, Xiang Lian, Xiang Xie, help solve the problem. Love is God sent the Gospel of the Holy sentAngel. Fate of the sky is lofty, vast, and you can start to make wings fly free; fate of the world is rich, rich and beautiful, where you can enjoy plenty of sunshine and rain, whileHappyAnd happiness is no longer a hard to find things.
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2010-Apr-13, 07:20

Next month fireflies, only lonely photo

Died in childhood, no answer is expected only in the imagination and ignorance towards the so-calledFine. OurStoryEnd of the clear but there was nothing serious. Who says there is looked up the most lonely position of 45 degrees. Cause you are beautiful, just let me see the blue sky smile, because you smoked clothes, have my pen The closing of classical Chinese, but also because of you, have I Jiazi lonely quatrains. Sun and Moon are no longer retain the heart melt every minute, silent solitude, sleeping in his sixtieth of the trees, the lover Yeah, turned the moment, do not forget to Fengyun not willing heart, worked hard your struggle. You hang the hair, cover the weeping face, thank you, leave, also if I am a dismal situation, "then any other calendar, you are under the Ming." NoHappinessThe tone, to embrace the most luxurious good. Night, every black person is secretly torn me, even if you occasionally imagine stubborn mouth, is foreign to the chance. Find a casual evening wind-designateBird, And I looked at the constellation Capricorn, pondering your important, Constellation said the book, only our story is a question mark, is obviously far apart the end, and I always pretend you will not be gone. HometownThe moon, bright and clear the from the martyrs, who today beside you again. Small mirror dressing, and then not see in the mirror look, ink of tears, choking the heart-breaking, find your way, say that on the wander. Zhongchang year, do not re unusual, the current luxury, leisure reading files, Overwhelming for the text, Hongxiutianxiang, Emotion sing for you again. Free flight,FantasyOf more haggard, wait for the next reincarnation, so tired and forget it! Time to go slowly, I gradually withered shadow back. Zhang looked at the beauty of the sun, tears are the Executive Jue's haunting. "The Fang Jiufang, do not let themselves so tired," who said it does not matter, sentenced to the situation you are free of sin! As you toss and turn, thinking the ice ageHappy, Have yourLifeWhat is worth. Helpless to retain, change your feelings of accommodation, you are attached to the cold tell me, no one's fault, just a person's life should I eat the bitter fruit. Trembling mistaken increased the suffering you and I each other, then back to the past, only a legend. Decadent life, bored so many months under the fireflies, only according to loneliness. Like pieces of memories, nothing but the dust-laden paragraphs ......
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2010-Apr-13, 12:50

I am still me, I am still happy

Deep in the night, the meteor fell several times? Hsu hand in hand with us over how many times the same desire? Or the hills, the sunset gradually down to, at this time how do you Wuran stand up? Do not rise at night, the stars do not now? How the? My prince to leave it? Whistling in the wind blowing in my face, tingling, stinging ... ... tears into the wounds, to wound even more pain. I can afford to sit and watch the innocent look on the back of your far away, silent, but many times a lot of heart and said: "You will back it?", Many times and the intense conflict, "I am not to call you back? " But despite the complete and more pain, I still did not keep you open. Because I clearly understand that the feelings of the piece of chocolate, once the deterioration of the left not. While I was torn between the pain, tears license to stay, but I choose not to hate, quietly watching you. For once in my heart that Rose was a great beauty; meteor vows to have achieved, but always only so far. A man alone on the lawn, the air is still, as Qin through the heart and spleen, as the sky is dark, the stars still shine, the moon is still charming, just how empty the left hand side, I carried my own addition to the air is. However, does not matter, remember that you loved me, I love you, we all love, love is so spectacular, right? Weakness of their own to tell, everything will be used to it. I never used it left a warm pocket; will get used to a person not afraid of the stars in the mountains; will be used to upset you no longer have to send the chocolate ... ... get used to it, will be used for ... ... We love long, long time, but has not the courage to come tomorrow. But if love to re-examination, I will still smile. One day someone asked, I will truthfully say: "We all loved, really loved ... ..." All I have no regrets! Because you are not born my, I have not the right to bind you. Depend upon it, to find your own happiness it ... ... I will continue to be a person smile and laugh but is no longer yours. Remember: We are deeply loved. I am still me, I am still happy.
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2010-Apr-11, 09:17

wake up the body

Hao Feng also received it's free and easy looks capable, but clearly many days his head has been reeling, and feeling so weak, would feel the immediate action of some larger disorder risk Venus. Especially that horrible woman died Qi Liang, always take something all right, then knock, he was suffocating him. "What I What is son, 上梁不正下& amp;#26753;歪." Qi Liang of this sentence, so that the bleeding heart, Hao Feng, Qi Liang he did not think the words is true. Hao Feng has not seen his son for a long time South Hao Wang, and recently he was busy. Hao Qi Liang Na Poniang to give hope to pack a room south, of course, is the key to get here from their own, that is, the packing room, Qi Liang began to hate than the menopausal woman is also the nagging. Hao Feng has been very sorry, sorry day to clean up the room to Qi Liang, gave her his keys, got what he discovered his son's secret? Look at his posture of 得理不饶人 askew, Hao Feng is very frustrating. So these days, Hao Feng's heart is full of contradictions, on the one hand he wanted to see his son, would like to know that his son is not as ** as is the tendency for the male character who, on the other hand, he has not meet his son, Qi Liang complain if he does not want South Hao Wang know why he hesitated for a long time, thought about his son travel to come back, and would like to help him tidy up the room, hanging a dry bedding. To be honest, do not believe in Feng Hao Wang Hao is the Southern Qi Liang imagine the kind of person, he felt good and just as wronged their own Qi as unfair to his son. Hao Feng he is not gay, but not clearly aligned Liang, Yang Guangqing angered that are bad. So Haofeng Jian Qi Liang The letter also accused by his own son. "Zhepo Niang, was very ill, how the sum of their own people rivalry is really incomprehensible." Hao Feng shook his head, breathing in the doorway a moment, let your mind and get some physical recovery. Outside the night falls, the faint sky is not the next round of the round round moon shining cold luster, in the summer night there is a trace rare cool breeze, Hao Feng mind is a clear strength has been restored is no longer on the breath. His hand in his son bought a house two downstairs and two new women's magazine published the "wind" and "three shots of surprises," the disc. Thinking about finished packing house, themselves look here corpuscles of these two films. Open the security door, Hao Feng movements are very light for a bedroom slippers, went straight into the house ready to open the window. He did not pay attention to the door shoe rack placed two pairs of men's shoes, he thought about all the South Hao Wang's shoes, do not wear it. Natural open the bedroom door, eyes fire in this house, Laohao peak to stay there thoroughly. Bed with two white is rolling. In hear, "Dad," screams, Hao Feng fell down softly, in the hands of books and discs fall to the ground ... ... Hospital bedside, Qi Liang Hao Feng a hand with the hand, eyes become very good eyes, this is a small hospital sub-Yang thing that happened after so many years for the first time such a gaze own husband. Hao Feng a cerebral hemorrhage, brainstem hemorrhage Fortunately, not better, when he fainted, Wang Hao in the south. Objectively speaking, in fact, one day before the capillary Hao Feng started bleeding, but he did not feel. Sudden shock to the spot he fell to the ground, look at there old Hao Nam Ho's car, he was timely sent to the hospital, timely rescue operation, has been out of danger, it would not be affected much, now he is surgery after the coma. Qi Liang rushed over time, the old He has not had time to walk away, watching his son Wang Hao South flickering eyes, looking at how awkward smile, the old, Qi Liang know what happened. This is the first time Qi Liang did not blame, of course, the other is the old South Wang Hao Ho also. When they asked for a condition that there would be no danger, she was sitting on a bench **, long out of breath. Now she can prove something, that is, Hao Feng really not gay, so many years of making things difficult for him, finally appeared consequences, his son, Wang Hao is gay south. Obvious things here, if Hao Feng homosexual, he absolutely will not be knocked down, he should be very calm in the face of such things, or you can make the right guidance, because he is a father and son looking south Hao, very deep feelings his mother that her husband can find fault, but his son that he could do nothing. But now she does not understand is that her husband was not such a person, to say that Yin shoot really, really why do not excuse her husband, so any grievances with their abuse for the half is like is so. Qi Liang carefully looked at her husband, his body began to rickets, some gray hair and a half off, quietly climbed the forehead wrinkles, mouth twitching from time to time to look at, seems to be sleeping sleep talking. Qi Liang felt his eyes were some moist eyes, some obscure, so many years, how their own did not notice that her husband is no longer young, too much pressure on himself to him so thathe became so decadent. Wang Hao Nam's watched his father look stiff. His heart twisted into a ball, remorse and repentance affects his every nerve. The father of the past, body upright, such as pine, will carry loads of up and down every day to pack before leaving home was Lilly yo, even a very common wear clothes, but also keeps its grave. Walk a gust of wind, his face is always wearing a smile full of confidence, as if all of the way the world is open to him, but he needs to do is to take significant steps forward in Fleet of Foot, which will not be anything down. Now the father, to quiet his bed, he's down to give himself a heavy blow, a good blow, almost to his old life. He looked out the window waving tree branches, thinking about looking forward to his father woke up from surgery, you should be kneeling down to give him a sincere repentance the elderly, but they feel that they look south Hao did not know what to repent? Its actually nothing wrong, wrong, do not know at that time my father went to his room. Gradually a cloud float to the bottom of the sun, large sunny days suddenly to a burst of heavy rain, lightning flashed and thunder in the rain, Hao Feng gently coughed, he regained consciousness after surgery slumber, and Qi Liang and Wang Hao south near his head at the same time, they found their husband and father laugh, watching them kind of laughter revealed tolerant smile, laugh very natural and harmonious, something else went out the window in the rain to something else, another storm.
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2010-Apr-9, 07:13

Ozuki peak

Ozuki peak in young animals on life's simple and comfortable, as betrayed by friends before, ozuki not trust friends, this is a superfluous feeling will only hurt themselves. All light-catching colors of the alienation and careful preparedness, keeping a distance. Now catching colors are luminous with a cold atmosphere, to be prohibitive. Young animals occasionally catching colors will go halfway up the mountain peak of the hill ri Boil fish to eat, of course, produced catching colors, delicious. In fact ozuki not because you want to get some food tempts, it is because ozuki want to face up to its peak had the experience of Ome, who face their own thing with Chen Qi, Qiu-lan, who face betrayal, escape is clearly negative practice. Ozuki know if they can not face that experience, because demons deep species in cultivation on the move an inch.
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2010-Apr-8, 10:29

Early morning hours

Early morning hours, this is a good weather, but this time down the sky overcast, the wind mixed with moisture, it seems to rain generally. In the hospital walls, the group of people around the rockery next to the do not speak, and the atmosphere cold scary, sometimes looked after the servants and good eyes. Until the time that few people see posture, they all hurried detour, all are thinking about and must not hit the heart and became a punching bag! CHEN Qi is led Chi-Wen Chen and Chen Nian came from outside the hospital, I heard Chow Liu irony of small words, frowning underground passage, which two daughter really not a brain, guilty of taboo words dare to utter this time, so that people turn to mothers, even he did Gongdie this, and also indispensable to suffer Cotton Training! "Second home, nonsense?" CHEN Qi restrained by being silent, missed seeing his body was still lying on the ground line grandson Chen, "how this pair of four brothers look like?" See Zhou Gong Die and uncle came home, propped up Chen row, and then burst of tears, every word is full of grievances, from time to time wave veil seems to be still without touching the eyes, eyes hidden bitterness being looked at Chen Qi. "Many have suggested, children, Erniang say, but really?" "Yes!" "Why is Yao Da-line child?" Chen Qi Chen Xun is on beating the issue, quite some difficulty, and always act in the child safe, children today will be OK provoke acute him. "He vilification on me! That said ... ..." just think of Chen Chen Xun line acrimony, anger, Chen Qi was questioned at the moment, he is unspeakable. "OK children, you say!"

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2010-Apr-8, 12:06

Do not tell me that the world really love to come back too

Do not tell me that the world really love to come back too Yesterday it, the balcony looked up Mochizuki, no, no sky, empty. Despite the good drafts, or the grief of the moment. The total moment is the trance, that no moon night, year after year what I always thought the story from recurring, such as 2-year-old the same time, there is another encounter, the situation re-injury. But youth is only a short single-track line, there is no possibility of addition and subtraction. I only trance, oh, little, not to hurt themselves, and trance. Tried to do ---- Car when the crowd packed inside; School days, crammed inside kerning; Talk, crammed inside discourse; Party time, squeeze eyes inside ------ Love always has a faint hint of injury is always the Shenbuyouyi of trance. It is love that is lost after the love. Like how to find the legendary tree can not find happiness grass, was stepped on, was inadvertently stepped on, the soles of the feet, that loss can have pain along the sole to the heart of the deep pain the night of black, and white during the day. My blood was boiling, has also been feeling duty-bound. Oh year, I used a five-year time all the world enjoy the love, as a person, all thoughts are ripped from the clouds, fireworks in the human past, but I repeated ashes. Who do not know love it, I told myself, who do not know the men love it, if it is, why not put down? Down - their own. Buddha cautioned, can not be said, not that one that is wrong. I think I speak out of turn away the world's secrets, and finally one that really is wrong. After that I come across a lot of red and green woman, gentle, and clear. I finally hesitation, they were unable to believe. In the trance, I have not to believe. There sing, I heard that love to come back too? Ah
2010-Apr-8, 12:04

Even a PLMM Oh! Network buzzwords to allow more parents to send ignorant ZT

Even a PLMM Oh! Network buzzwords to allow more parents to send ignorant "I JJ with BF to dinner, he kept on with her mother and PMP, stuffed purple really good BT." Miss Li Wang confused who lives in Beijing, she took her daughter's diary, said: "Let me see daughter Her diary, who may be able to read these words? do not know where to learn it. " Her daughter called the Doctrine of the Mean, is a key school in Beijing read the first two days. Mother's puzzled face, she explained: This is a network of language. JJ is a "sister", BF is the "boyfriend", PMP is the "flattering", stuffed purple is "like this", BT is "abnormal" are network language. "This talk someone willing to listen to understand?" Huanhuan nonchalantly said: "The school girls talk like this, can understand that it will be fashionable, or you'll be a joke is 'old fashioned'." In the development of the Internet in full swing today, more and more people use Internet language to life, and soon to be carried forward by young people like fashion, in their daily lives flourish. Second-year student at a university in Beijing Wang, usually on the very fond of chatting on the Internet, one in writing to the parents because when they inadvertently used some network languages, the results to parents to suffer a back injury. The beginning of the letter was also written and hard about in the end, he came to the words, "Rice, 94, Jiang Zi, next time again, and 88!." Translated: "Mom and Dad, that's it, next time talk later, bye!" Parents on the phone after they get to know what this means right about face to him verbally, "Chinese well hard to say, what to say Internet language! " Network is a network development language is inevitable. With the Internet culture and ways of thinking on people's lifestyles change, the network will be more involved in the language to people exchanges. Especially college students to accept new things quickly, the network has become the language of their lives, a way of communication. Talking about his first experience of the Internet, Wang still fresh in my memory. Big time, she opened her students saw the QQ, log on shortly after the posting initiative to look for her. Wang is pleased to greet him: "Hello!" The other side quickly sent me a sign: ": ︱)", Wang saw a long time before figured it out that symbols represent a small smile. Before long, the other party has sent me one: "mud-type MM, damage type GG?" Confused the Wang Leng Shimo understand, by the side of the students of translation, she was clear about the original meaning of that sentence is: " you girls or boys? "she was taught by students doorway to the other side Huileyiju:" Even a PLMM Oh! "Wang now relatively simple for those already very familiar with the language network. Internet language is not only very popular online, in their daily life of students is also essential. Girl, dinosaurs, frogs and so is the network most frequently used vocabulary. Another university in Beijing on the junior high student named, said the language can use some of the network dialogue and exchanges between students becomes easy, fun, lively, humorous, and able to network and use the language well aware of people who seem comfortable would be more stylish, more keep up the trend. In particular, and just know when communicating with friends, if some of you are familiar with the use of the network language, the atmosphere will warm up quickly. To sum up, network language because of its swiftness, abundance, freedom, interoperability and other distinctive features of the times, is a new generation of young people in widely accepted and loved. In addition, the network widely used acronyms and emoticons, etc., are refreshing, they are both great people to briefly share the language, but also greatly make up the network communication can not be seen for a deficiency. It's whimsy to the network communication language is rich and interesting image. Internet language is, of joy or not? Worry or not? Learning Chinese Language and Literature at Peking University's students, said Xiao Li, view network language 要一分为二, can not deny, can not completely be online to use the Internet to the living language of copying them. Although the traditional language network language caused some impact, but do not worry too much about, time is the best inspector. Network, the smoke is not viable new terms will increasingly decline, while those vibrant, stand the test of time more and more people will be recognized, accepted as a useful complement to the Han language. (Source: Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao; of: Xiao Yu)
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